Best Dome Tents for Young Campers Reviewed

Best Dome Tents for Young Campers of 2021 – Complete Reviews with Comparison -
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Camping is a wonderful activity. It doesn't just allow us to take a break from a fast-paced lifestyle but also experience unity with nature and its beauty.

Naturally, to have a stress-free experience, you should invest in suitable equipment. If you are a young camper just getting familiar with the essentials, you should know that the most important puzzle piece is a dome tent.

To help you find the right one, we have prepared a list of the best dome tents for young campers featuring budget-friendly and high-end products. So let's get to it!

Comparison Chart

AsterOutdoor Camping Dome Family Tent 2/4/6 Person Camp Waterproof Tent 

Coleman 4-Person Dome Tent for Camping | Sundome Tent with Easy Setup

2 Person Tent – Rain Fly & Carrying Bag – Lightweight Dome Tents for Kids or Adults 

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Tent – 16′ x 9′

CAMEL CROWN 2/3/4/5 Person Camping Dome Tent

Dome Tents Reviews

1. AsterOutdoor Camping Dome Family Tent

We are starting with a tent manufactured by one of the most affordable brands, AsterOutdoor. It is available in two different designs – a 4 and a 6 person dome. Also, it comes in two color variants, including blue and brown.

Product Highlights

Starting with the smaller dome tent (4-person), it offers an impressive interior set at 9 feet by 7 feet. In addition to that, a headroom of 5 feet should be more than enough for most young campers. The most incredible point about it is that the spacious interior allows for a queen size inflatable mattress.

With tents, their structure and their durability create most of the value. So naturally, you will be happy to find that this AsterOutdoor product is comprised of 1500MM PU. It is a lightweight material that should keep rain and mosquitos out of your tent. Apart from the roof and the walls, the floor is also made out of this reliable material. Thus, you can expect to get a dose of secure and healthy sleep.

One of the biggest issues with camping is bugs. Fortunately, this tent is equipped with a B4 grade mesh that should keep any pests outside while providing you with a nice view of the night stars. It also features a D-door that is considered to be the best solution for a safe and convenient entrance. Given these few design details, we could conclude that AsterOutdoor did a phenomenal job designing a tent for 4 people.

As for the extra features, you will get two internal pockets (for storing essentials), an E-port for decluttering the interior and charging your devices, as well as a hook for a lantern.

When it comes to the larger dome tent, it is highlighted by an interior space of 10 feet by 10 feet and offers a center height of 6.2 feet.

Similar to the 4-person tent, it includes features for added convenience and a B4 mesh that will protect you from bugs. The only difference is that the material that the rainfly is made out of is 1200MM PU. Although a bit weaker, it is still waterproof, which is the most important point.

Both of the tents come with a detailed instruction guide and can be installed within 5 minutes. On top of all that, a bag is included for the transportation and storage of your tent.

The only issue that we have is that the stakes are a bit cheap but still good enough to keep the dome stable. Overall, this is a budget-friendly product that is suitable for camping in smaller and larger groups.

The Good

The greatest point about this product is that it offers a superb interior with enough space to make a few adults pretty comfortable. While there isn't a moneyback guarantee, the 1500 MM PU and 1200 MM PU make it a long-term investment. Breathable and protected by a B4 mesh, you won't have to worry about bug intrusions or lack of fresh air.

The Bad

The downside of this dome tent is that the stakes are a bit flimsy. Still, the installation is pretty simple, and as long as you follow the provided instructions, there shouldn't be any issues related to stability.


  • Affordable price
  • Simple to install
  • Spacious interior
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Handy transportation bag


  • Stakes could be sturdier

2. Coleman Sundome Tent

The second product that we want to talk about is considered to be one of the best selling in this sphere. It comes in a wide variety of designs, including a classic green, classic navy/grey, as well as a navy color. Included with your purchase are poles, lanterns, and stakes. In addition to that, you can choose different sizes, starting with a 2-person dome up to a 6-person tent (including a 3-person and 4-person design).

Product Highlights

The main difference between the offered designs, apart from the color, is the interior capacity and the weight. The 2-person dome tent is set at 6.3 pounds, the 3-person tent is set at 8.7 pounds, with the 4-person model being set at around 10 pounds, and the largest dome tent weighing at 15 pounds. It is great to know that no matter the design you go for, all are spacious and stand up to the advertisement.

Our personal favorite is the navy tent with poles, lanterns, and stakes, for the fact that you don't have to buy any of the additional equipment to set this dome tent up. All of the models are made out of a fiberglass and polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet, which is considered to be suitable for all-season use.

Similar to the product mentioned above, it is highlighted by a reliable rainfly that makes it a waterproof choice. Thus, you can stay comfortable camping in the middle of a forest even if it rains and the hard wind blows. According to our tests, the Coleman Sundome Tent can withstand winds as fast as 35 miles per hour.

In terms of convenience, it does feature an E-port and two inverted storage pockets for putting away your essentials. The biggest issue that we have with it is that it doesn't provide the B4 mesh bug protection or a clear sky view. Other than that, it is a product that we can't argue against.

Apart from its durability, the Coleman Sundome also offers great breathability, considering the D-shaped entrance, ground ventilation, and a couple of large windows. Overall, although it doesn't provide the immersive experience of an AsterOutdoor tent, it still is a fantastic choice for any camping enthusiast.

The Good

The highlighting point of this product is that it is weatherproof. The inverted seams and the premium rainfly are there to ensure that you stay dry and comfortable through rough weather. In addition to that, the installation process is beginner-friendly and comes down to staking the poles into the ground.

The Bad

Every product has its downsides, and the main one with the Coleman Sundome Tent is the fact that it doesn't provide a lovely sky view. Along with it, in case you go for the Classic model, you will need to invest in the poles and stakes separately.


  • Completely weatherproof
  • Premium rainfly
  • Durable inverted seams
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Withstand high winds


  • No sky view
  • Classic model doesn't include poles and stakes

3. Wakeman 2-Person Tent – Rain Fly and Carrying Bag

If for whatever reason the products mentioned above don't suit your needs we found a fantastic alternative. While not a dome suitable for a larger group of people, this Wakeman tent is just the perfect choice for three kids or two adults looking to enjoy their time in nature.

Product Highlights

The fact that this product is exceptionally affordable is the main reason why its design is as attractive as the Coleman product. It comes in blue only and is set at 40 inches in height, 77 inches in length, and 57 inches in width. Also, it features a transportation bag at 23 inches by 4 inches which we find to be a great addition to the package.

The Wakeman dome tent is suitable for beginners for several reasons. Firstly, it is a lightweight tent, set at just around 3.13 pounds and pretty simple to set up. All that you will need for the installation are the two fiberglass poles that are included in the offer. Surprisingly, this product has a sturdy structure as it is made out of 190T Polyester and Fiberglass.

Still, you shouldn't expect that it can withstand heavy winds that are above 20/25 mph or protect you from heavier rain. While it is advertised to be water-resistant, camping in the rough weather with this tent isn't something that the manufacturer recommends.

On the other hand, the Wakeman product does feature a wide variety of design details, such as a spacious interior pocket and a large ventilation window. In addition to that, it provides a dual-layer door which is a fantastic solution for ensuring great breathability while preventing bug intrusions.

Overall, this is an extremely affordable and newbie-friendly tent that is great for camping in spring and summer.

The Good

Apart from the price, we love the fact that the manufacturer focused on making it simple to install this tent. Not only that, but you won't have to worry about extreme humidity or restless sleep because the Wakeman dome is highlighted by impressive breathability and a dual-layer door for added privacy.

The Bad

While it provides great value for the given price tag, it certainly isn't a tent for all four seasons. The combination of the featured fiberglass and polyester simply doesn't do the trick when it comes to protection from heavy rain and fast winds.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Large ventilation window
  • Dual-layer door
  • Spacious interior compartment


  • Not for rough weather
  • Flimsy rainfly

4. Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent

If you weren't happy with the fact that the former product situates only two adults, then this dome tent is just the perfect choice for you. Coming in an orange and a wine-colored design, it is set at 16 feet by 9 feet by 72 inches and can accommodate up to 9 people.

Product Highlights

Talking about dome tents, it is hard to find a brand that is as reputable as Core. This manufacturer did a fantastic job creating a sturdy and attractive product that is perfect for all-season use. The first thing that we want to talk about is the spacious interior in which you can fit up to three queen-size mattresses.

It is impressive to know that although huge, this product weighs around 18 pounds which isn't a lot because it can accommodate a group of 9 adults. It is pretty similar to the aforementioned three tents in terms of the base construction except for the fact that Core uses premium fiberglass poles to ensure optimal stability and endurance in rough weather conditions.

The highlighting point of this dome tent has to be the 68D polyester which is an explicit solution for rainy and windy weather. We tested the durability on multiple occasions, and the H2O Block Technology stood up to the expectations every single time. Another design detail that contributes to the waterproofness is the inverted and taped seams.

As for the bonus features, we found a couple of interior compartments, an E-port that is essential for charging your phone/other devices, and a lantern hook. On top of all that, it features several advanced vents and a few entrances for more breathability. Lastly, a mesh ceiling panel provides a clear view of the beautiful sky.

The main downside of this product is that the bag is pretty small, making it hard to fit the tent. But, apart from that, it holds great value and is a nice choice if you are going on a camping trip with your whole family or a group of friends.

The Good

The first advantage is that Core 9 is the most affordable dome tent that can accommodate 9 people and withstand rough weather. In addition to offering explicit durability, it is set to provide an immersive experience with fancy features such as advanced vents, a ceiling mesh panel, and H2O block technology.

The Bad

While it does require more installation time than the previous three products, we can't take it as a downside, considering how huge it is. On the other hand, the main issue is the small transportation bag in which you can just barely fit the tent.


  • Reasonable price
  • Fits up to 9 people
  • All-season use
  • Advanced venting
  • Keeps moisture out
  • Lantern hook and interior compartments


  • Small transportation bag

5. CAMEL CROWN 2/3/4/5 Person Camping Dome Tent

At the end of our list of the best dome tents for young campers is another product that can be used on multiple occasions and is available in several colors, including green, blue, and orange. It is designed for 2, 3, 4, and 5 people, depending on what you need.

Product Highlights

The first design that we will review is the 2-person tent that is highlighted by 210 Oxford cloth PU 2000 structure in the interior, 150D Oxford cloth PU 3000 structure at the floor, and aluminum poles. As for what is included in the package, you are getting the tent, 8 ground stakes, and 4 wind ropes that are made to stabilize the dome.

One of the most fantastic points is that although it comes with iron ground stakes and a reinforced outer shell, the tent is pretty lightweight and easy to carry. In addition to that, we didn't need more than 5 minutes to set it up. While it features only a single entrance, there is a mesh transparent screen that is used for added breathability, protection from mosquitos, and as a window to the beautiful sky.

The second design is the 3-4 person tent, with the main difference between it and the former one being that the poles are made out of fiberglass. Not only that, but it also integrates a 190T polyester flysheet that should protect you from heavy wind, UV rays, and sand. The interior and bottom construction is identical, with the addition of 8 iron ground nails included for added stability.

Similar to the product mentioned above, it features a double-layer design that goes a long way in terms of breathability and enjoying the panoramic views outside of the tent. In addition, it features a reliable zipper closure and a few interior compartments for putting away your valuables.

The last design is the 4-5 person dome tent, which is almost the same as the 3-4 person one except for the fact that there is room for one more adult and that the poles are 9.5mm fiberglass.

The only issue that we found is that the connector at the 2-person tent poles is a bit flimsy, which can be a problem on a windy/rainy day. Other than that, this is a product that is suitable for versatile use and holds great value.

The Good

The first thing that we like is the freedom of choice that CAMEL CROWN allows with several different sizes. All accommodate the advertised number of people and provide fantastic breathability and endurance through rough and cold weather.

The Bad

While it is hard to argue against this product for the great price that it comes at, the tent pole connectors could be a bit sturdier.


  • Good price
  • Spacious interior
  • Double-layer design
  • Simple to install
  • Endures rough weather


  • Flimsy pole connector

Dome Tents for Young Campers Buyer's Guide

Key Feature #1: Capacity

First and foremost, you should evaluate your needs and whether you want to go camping solo or in a group. Most manufacturers offer a wide variety of models, starting at tents for a single person up to domes that can accommodate 9 or more adults. However, to enjoy more comfort, we suggest that you always go for a product one size above your needs – thus, if you want to camp solo, get a 2-person tent, etc.

Key Feature #2: Seasonality

The second important point is whether you can use the tent throughout all seasons. While most people enjoy camping in spring and summer, spending time in nature can be equally as great during the colder seasons. For that purpose, you will need to invest in a sturdy tent that is highlighted by a reliable rainfly, outer shell reinforcement, waterproof technology, and a tear-resistant floor.

Key Feature #3: Height

Height is one of the essential factors when it comes to evaluating the comfort that you will enjoy. It largely depends on the capacity, but you shouldn't be satisfied with anything that is below 60 inches.

Key Feature #4: Materials

Much like with any other product, the structure is what differentiates the sturdy from the cheap choices. With that in mind, if you want your tent to last for years to come, you should look for one with fiberglass poles, 68D Polyester, or a 210 Oxford cloth 3000/2000 PU exterior and floor construction. Cheap fabric can't protect you from rain or heavy wind.

Key Feature #5: Ventilation

What good is a spacious camping tent if you will be overwhelmed by the extreme humidity? To prevent that, you should look for models that either offer large ceiling panels or advanced ventilation windows for added breathability (or both).

Dome Tents for Young Campers FAQs

How to Insulate a Dome Tent for Winter Camping?

The first piece of advice is to go for a smaller tent (if you can). It is a fact that the less space, the more heat will be generated between the walls. The second effective method is to invest in a comfortable rug or a mat that you will unroll on the ground for more comfort. If the weather prognosis is that it will be extremely cold, you can always bring heat packs.

How to Weatherproof a Dome Tent?

The best way to protect yourself from heavy rain and strong winds is by investing in a high-quality dome tent with a reinforced floor, outer shell, and a reliable rain fly. In addition to that, you should look for fiberglass poles as these seem to hold better ground than aluminum poles.

How to Stay Warm Camping in a Dome Tent?

Firstly, having a warm cup of tea or coffee is a good start. After that, you should make sure that your dome tent is well-insulated by following the tips above, such as covering the ground with a thick mattress and surrounding yourself with heat packs. Another great piece of advice is to wear thermals if it gets extremely cold.

How to Make a Dome Tent Camping Comfortable?

Most of the work is done by investing in a high-quality dome tent that offers a spacious interior and advanced ventilation. To ensure maximum comfort, you should invest in a removable fly net and a mosquito mesh if the tent that you have doesn't already feature one.

How to Make a Dome Tent?

While you are always better off buying a professional dome tent, building your own can be pretty fun. There are a few essentials that you should look for and that can be found in any DIY store, including a set of aluminum/fiberglass poles and a large cloth that you will cut and seam according to the desired size.

Wrap Up

All of the mentioned products hold great value and are suitable both for young and more experienced campers. Our personal favorite is the AsterOutdoor because it can accommodate up to 6 adults, offers excellent breathability, and can be used throughout all four seasons. If you are on a tight budget but want to enjoy a nice and comfortable camping trip, then the Wakeman 2-Person Dome Tent is the right choice.