Best Sleeping Bag for Hammock

Best Sleeping Bag for Hammock -
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You are going to need one of the following sleeping bags for your next trip without a doubt. The question is, which one of the following bags is the right one for a hammock?

There are so many options available to you. Still, at the same time, there are also a lot of things that should be taken into consideration before purchasing, and the process is not easy.

Luckily, here is a list of five of the best sleeping bag for hammock options that are even used and recommended by professionals. Each contains advice on why it should be purchased, what is wrong with it, and how to take care of it.

Comparison Chart

Hyke & Byke Antero Sleeping Bag

ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

REDCAMP Ultralight Hammock Sleeping Bag

UPSKR Sleeping Bag

Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag

Best Sleeping Bag for Hammock Reviews

Hyke & Byke Antero Sleeping Bag

Hyke and Byke Antero sleeping bags have been included in many adventures throughout the years, and their quality is more than proven. With more than 60,000 customers worldwide, Hyke and Byke can improve your sleep and position like no other sleeping bag.


High durability and extreme moisture resistance are the two significant features this type of sleeping bag has. Both elements are the reason why this model is popular and in high demand. The reason why the bag is able to provide durability and moisture is quite apparent.

Interestingly, this model can be used on the ground when tent camping is included. To be sincere, it is designed for both men and women, and it offers extreme warmth during cold days.

The design should not be neglected because, unlike other bags, this hammock's compatible bags are 4 inches wider and provide you with ample room. Men and women that sleep on the sleeping pad also feel additional width.

The sleeping bag is exceptionally oversized and ideal for people that want to have space while sleeping. Others that prefer being cozy can enjoy it as well and won't feel the difference.

The Hyke and Byke sleeping bag is durable, and buyers can use it for an extended period of time. The designers put a lot of work into the bag and added a cluster loft base, which serves not only as an under quilt but also as a top quilt.

This type of base contains synthetic insulation that is similar to natural down. The synthetic insulation is the only reason why this bag is so durable.

There is a water-resistant shell fabric, and also hydrophobic 800FP included. Due to these features, the bag captures heat and makes you feel constant warmth.

Unlike other bags that feel light, this one is heavy and might become a problem for some people. Of course, that problem is not serious and can be easily solved.

The fact that this sleeping bag is not able to provide a diagonal lay should not be neglected. Its design prevents true diagonal lay, which might be a downfall for some.


  • Extra-wide
  • Water-resistant
  • Strong and sturdy for regular use
  • Keeps you very warm


  • A diagonal lay is not possible
  • Heavy to carry

ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag

Unlike other bags that are extremely expensive, the ECOOPRO sleeping bag mode offers a great price to customers in addition to great quality. It is affordable for everyone, and for that price, it is a better option compared to other available models.


The bag is durable, but it can be used for only three seasons. Its durability entirely depends on the conditions and the environment you are in. For example, the sleeping bag is not suitable for winter conditions, and those that plan to hammock during winter should immediately skip it.

Nevertheless, for those that plan to hammock in warmer environments, this bag is the real deal. It is incredibly light, and at the same time, it fits all sizes. Designers made the bag with 11 inches in height and 1.7 lbs. in weight, so people can easily carry it.

Regardless of what body type you have, you are going to be satisfied. There is going to be additional space thanks to its measures that equal 83" x 30". It has been estimated that this bag can house one adult or two children.

It is made from nylon, which makes the bag waterproof and breathable, and you won't feel trapped at all. Plus, those that have sensitive skin should not panic because it is skin-friendly.

The cotton material included inside this bag traps the heat and makes you feel warm. It is safe and brings relaxation regardless of the environment.

As well as a sleeping bag, it can also be used as a comforter. You simply have to remove the sleeping bag liner. This sleeping bag comes in three different colors – dark blue, black, and orange. It consists of a zipper closure, and it is machine washable.

The inside and the outside of the bag consist of the same material, which can cause a bit of a problem. To be more precise, it is a bit slippery. For the outer part, that is fine, but for the inner part, it could be extremely annoying.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Multiple colors available
  • Can be used as a comforter
  • Waterproof and good for all-weather


  • Not durable in winter
  • Slippery when sleeping in it

REDCAMP Ultralight Hammock Sleeping Bag

The quality of sleep that this bag brings cannot be compared to any other. Not only that, but this bag is extremely affordable and lightweight, even when it is fully packed. It is designed for one person only and can be linked to another one, thanks to the zippers.


The main reason why you should choose Redcamp's sleeping bag is the cotton flannel liner. To be more precise, this is a high-quality covering material that can provide you with a dust-free and comfortable experience.

Also, the covering material included in this bag makes the bag clean all the time and postpones cleaning for an extended period. Furthermore, this is the reason why this bag is super lightweight.

Moreover, the sleeping bag offers warmth in each season. The cotton flannel liner traps the heat inside and keeps you warm every second of the night. Women should always purchase hooded sleeping bags.

The temperature range is extensive, and it offers 3-lbs, 2w capacity. It is incredibly comfortable and provides relaxation.

Although this sleeping bag is recommended for every gender and age, women and little kids are the most likely to experience the full benefits of it. That is because of the 4lbs weight capacity and thickness.

Folding this bag is easy as well because of the conveniently included cord. Plus, there are additional pockets implemented that ease the safety process.

It is crucial to mention that there is a snug-fit and reversed zipper. This is good for couples or family members that want to link two sleeping bags of the same size together while hammocking. The season does not matter when it comes to linking the bags because the temperature inside remains the same.

However, the sleeping bag contains a specific chemical odor right after unpacking. This odor is not pleasant to smell, and that is why immediate washing is required. Of course, the color won't be damaged, and you have nothing to worry about.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Cheap compared to similar models
  • Durable for regular usage
  • Tremendously Comfortable


  • Unpleasant chemical odor
  • Best suited for women and children

UPSKR Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag that comes from UPSKR is not only lightweight but also waterproof. Interestingly it can be used for adults and kids as well and can be used for all four seasons. Also, it features a compression sack that additionally eases movements.


Every person that enjoys hammocks wants to have free arms and feet. This sleeping bag is able to provide you that thanks to its two-way zipper.

The two-way zipper gives you comfort and a chance to do whatever you want with your hands and feet. Your hands and feet won't feel trapped at all, and at the same time, they won't burst out of the bag.

All the materials that are included in this sleeping bag bring beneficial features like durability and warmth. The waterproof polyester shell added makes the product moisture resistant.

On the other hand, the 210T polyester lining keeps the heat inside and provides you warmth during the night. It is also soft and pleasant on the skin. The temperature range is between 50 degrees and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also be used in environments that contain 40-degree temperatures.

The bag can be compressed down to 11 inches in height and 1.7 inches in weight. It is ideal for hammocking and is exceptionally portable. You won't feel a thing due to its lightweight numbers.

The bag comes in two colors only – blue and olive green, but it is multipurpose without a doubt. For example, you can take out the sleeping bag liner and use it as a comforter only.

Since this is a bag that offers a chance to do whatever you want with your feet and hands and seals you from inside thanks to its two-way zipper, pairing with another sleeping bag is not possible. Couples, without a doubt, should purchase two bags, but they can't be merged together.

Not only that but this sleeping bag is not recommended for people that are over 6'4. It is very short for people that are 6'4 or more.


  • Durable for regular use
  • Portable
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Soft and cozy


  • Pairing is not possible
  • Not recommended for tall people

Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag

The Coleman Mummy Sleeping Bag is the solution for hammock adventures because it satisfies every single sleep requirement that you have. This top-selling product's performance is high because it is made from high-quality materials and offers a lot of room at the same time.


This sleeping bag's size is good because it offers 32 inches in width and 82 inches in height. The most beneficial part of the size is that it provides additional space inside that makes people feel more comfortable.

It can also allow movement for those that move a lot during sleeping. Plus, the sleeping bag allows a "texting" position with comfortability to those who prefer to sit on their phones before sleeping.

The air remains inside the bag together with the heat so that you won't feel cold during the night. To be more precise, this sleeping bag offers and holds more warmth than any other bag.

That is the main reason why it is suited for every single season. Besides being pleasant on the eyes, its shape is the other reason why this bag provides that much warmth. This means the mummy shape is able to keep your body as firmly snug as possible.

It can't be said that this sleeping bag is lightweight because it is absolutely not. It is cumbersome, and it is not suited for those that prefer backpacking. Both lining and cover are made from 100 percent polyester.

The high amount of quality polyester material in this bag is what makes this bag well suited for extreme weather conditions. The material is water-resistant as well, so the bag remains free from any type of moisture.

It prevents inner insulation, and it is highly durable. Coleman's mummy sleeping bag can't be torn apart easily and can last a significant time.

There is a Zip Plow system in this sleeping bag, which is both good and bad. First, it is good because it does not allow snagging and jamming. Second, it is bad because it can destroy the material. Yes, the sleeping bag's quality is high and offers extreme comfort, but the zipper might cause problems due to less care and forceful zipping.


  • Comfortable and snug
  • Additional space
  • Extra warm
  • Suited for every season


  • Quite heavy
  • Low-quality zipper


It can be estimated that the best product so far for a hammock is the Hyke and Byke Antero Sleeping Bag. Unfortunately, this product is costly, and not so many people can't afford it.

That is the main reason why the Coleman Mummy Sleeping bag is suggested as a replacement. It contains similar features and delivers an excellent hammock experience.