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Best SUV Tents of 2021 -
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As you likely already know, SUV tents are made to be set up and attached to the bed of your pickup truck. They were invented because, for many years, campers had been constructing makeshift truck tents from their traditional tents.

However, as with most things, there are hundreds and hundreds of SUV tents on the market right now, all of them different makes and coming from different brands. This can make choosing one that’s right for you a challenge.

That's why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best SUV tents available out there, so just keep reading for more information.

Comparison Chart

Hasika Tailgate Shade Awning Tent for Car Travel 

Sportz SUV Blue/Grey Tent with Screen Room (10 x10 x7.25-Feet)

Sportz Dome-To-Go Tent

Roadie The OVERNIGHTER SUV Window Tent 

EasyGoProducts SUV Tent–SUV Car Camping Tent 

SUV Tents Reviews

Hasika Tailgate Shade Awning Tent

Starting off our list, we have this quaint tailgate SUV tent from Hasika that is fully waterproof and mounts to the back of your SUV. The setup process is extremely quick and convenient and can be done by just one person, making it a great option for solo campers.


The great thing about the Hasika tailgate shade tent is that it boasts a universal fit, which means that it can fit around just about any small to medium-sized SUV, CUV, and minivan. This makes it one of the more versatile products on this list. It comes in a classic beige color that makes it unobtrusive and easy to look at while also blending in with most car colors to create a seamless appearance.

This SUV tent also comes with over two feet of awning, which provides you with ample shade to relax in and protect yourself from the sun on those particularly hot camping days. The awning is extendable and needs to be attached to something like a tree or pole to stand up properly. When the time comes for you to go to sleep, you can put it down to cover the entrance to the tent.

Hasika’s tailgate tent also features a mesh screen at the front, which prevents pesky bugs and other critters from interrupting your sleep. It can be opened and closed to your liking, allowing you to move in and out of the tent freely. There is also an integrated storm flap that not only provides you with more protection from the weather but also offers you additional privacy as it blocks the view into the tent and your car.

Another great bonus about this tent is that it comes with its own convenient carry and storage bag, which you can use to carry the tent around when you aren’t using it. Unfortunately, an issue that this tent runs into has to do with its durability, or the lack thereof.

The fabric is not the strongest in the world, and if you’re not careful when setting it up or if you encounter some particularly nasty weather conditions, the tent could end up with a couple of holes in it.

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Napier Family Sportz SUV Tent

If you’re looking for a highly spacious option, then Napier has you covered with their Family Sportz SUV Tent. It is big enough for six people to occupy at once. It also comes with a number of nifty features to elevate your camping experience.


Wherever your adventures may take you, the Sportz SUV Tent is able to transform quickly to suit your SUV, CUV, or Minivan, turning it into a comfortable and safe home away from home. You won’t have to worry about unpacking because the vehicle sleeve on this tent connects to your gear, which means there will be more space inside for your family, friends, or even animal companions.

You can sip your morning coffee beneath the extendable awning while taking in the sights and sounds of nature. Then, you can put it down at night to lie beneath the stars and share stories. The tent itself is made from high-quality polyester taffeta and polyethylene to ensure that it lasts throughout the year and that it can withstand plenty of harsh weather conditions.

The hub and fiberglass tent pole combination makes it easy to set this tent up in just ten minutes with minimal effort required. It can be attached to your car seamlessly to create an additional sleeping or storage space, and the tent also features a connection to power outlets that allows you to keep your devices charged all the time. The two large doors and three mesh windows allow for constant airflow and ventilation, ensuring that you are always kept cool and comfortable when inside the tent.

The Napier Family Sportz Tent comes with an expandable carrying bag that makes storage quick and easy, and it is also compact enough to be packed in with all your other luggage without taking up too much space. The large 6' x 6' awning provides even more living space and ample shade.

While the large size of this tent can be quite a boon for large camping parties, if you are just looking to accommodate one or two people, then this tent will probably be far too large and heavy. It’s best suited for parties of four or more people.

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  • Extendable awning
  • Durable, robust material
  • Easy setup process
  • Seamless attachment to car


  • Too large for small camping parties

Napier Sportz Dome-To-Go

Here, we have another SUV tent from Napier. As you could probably guess from the name, this one is designed to be smaller than the previous one. It’s perfect for one or two campers and is a great portable option for smaller camping parties.


The Sportz Dome-To-Go tent is one of the few camping tents on the market that was designed to fit hatchback cars and small CUVs. It takes less than 15 minutes to attach this portable, lightweight tent to the back of your vehicle, meaning that you can spend less time fussing over the setup process and more time relaxing inside the tent and making memories with your family and friends.

Like the previous tent from Napier, this one is made from polyethylene and high-quality polyester taffeta, which ensures that it can last throughout the years and withstand challenging weather conditions. The two shock-corded fiberglass tent poles and the continuous pole sleeves make the 15-minute setup process extremely quick and simple. The tent can be attached seamlessly to your vehicle to create additional space for storing your items or for sleeping in, and there is a power outlet connection that allows you to plug in your preferred electronics.

Like the Family Sportz tent, the Dome-To-Go features two large doors and three mesh windows, which are there to provide you with optimal, constant ventilation to keep you cool during those warm, humid evenings. When things get cold, you can simply close the doors and windows and your tent becomes an insulated warm paradise.

The carry bag that this tent comes with is expandable but still small enough to fit in with your other luggage without taking up too much space. Even when the tent is packed up and placed inside, the bag remains lightweight and easy to carry or attach to your bicycle.

The only gripe we have is that the part of the tent that attaches to your car is curved rather than straight. While this works for some car models, if you own a car with a straight back, you might find that morning dew or rain drips into the tent, giving you a wet wake-up call.

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  • Durable, strong material
  • Seamless attachment to vehicle
  • Has outlet connections
  • Plenty of ventilation


  • Dew may leak into tent

Roadie The Overnighter SUV Window Tent

This is an SUV tent unlike any other. Rather than being a medium-sized tent that mounts to the trunk of your vehicle, this one is placed at your door so that you can sleep inside your car while still getting an authentic camping experience.


The Overnighter tent converts your full or midsize SUV into a comfortable area that you can rest and relax inside of. With the door cover installed on any door, you can give your comfort level a boost from the basics of simple outdoor camping. The tent is made using Rip-Stop material, while the poles are made from fiberglass to support the canopy.

As for the canopy itself, it features a layer of screen mesh that keeps the bugs and insects out while also protecting the interior of your car from the elements. The screen comes with dual zippers that allow easy access through the window, and there is also a pouch that fits inside of your glove box for you to use as you see fit. You can use two Overnighter tents if you’re looking for cross-ventilation.

This tent comes with a built-in screen that protects you from insects and other creatures. When you’re safely sleeping inside of your vehicle with the Overnighter attached to it, wild animals do not pose much concern. The Overnighter also features an integrated canopy that keeps the rain out thanks to its hand-taped waterproof seams.

It can also be used to shade yourself from the sun and to keep the interior of your car cool. When the weather starts to pick up and things start to look foul, you can take cover inside of your vehicle during those intense storms, which is generally much safer than being stuck inside a tent.

The one major problem we have with the Overnighter is that the tent poles you are supposed to use to set it up are quite fragile, and if you’re not careful, they’ll snap right in half. Keep that in mind when setting this tent up.

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  • Provides unique camping experience
  • Dual zippers for easy window access
  • Integrated screen for protection against bugs
  • Hand-taped waterproof seams


  • Poles are somewhat fragile

EasyGoProducts SUV Car Camping Tent

Lastly, we have this car camping tent from EasyGoProducts, which is a similar concept to the previous tent on this list. Rather than mounting to the back of your car to act as an attached tent, this one is mounted to your car door so that you can sleep in the comfort of your vehicle.


This SUV tent from EasyGoProducts was specially designed for those quick road trips where you need to camp for a night or two, like music festivals or outdoor events where you’ll need to sleep in your car. Setting this tent up and taking it down again only takes a few minutes and can be done by just one person, making it great for solo camping trips or smaller camping parties of one or two people.

The tent attaches around the top frame of your vehicle window and has elastic at the bottom that you can use to pull the Velcro straps tight. As you might already know, sleeping in your car can be a very hot and stuffy experience, but thanks to the retractable fabric cover found on this tent, you can allow air to flow freely into the car or use the blocker to prevent airflow on those colder nights.

There is also a mesh screen that protects you against insects for those nights where you need to roll down the window because of the heat. The screen can be opened and closed at your leisure, as well.

The only problem that this car tent suffers from is that it is not very durable. You will have to be careful when setting it up and when you’re sleeping. If you accidentally kick it or are not gentle, you could tear it.

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  • Suitable for quick road trips
  • Fast setup process
  • Retractable cover for ventilation
  • Mesh screen can be opened and closed


  • Not very durable

Wrapping Up

SUV tents can be a fantastic investment for those who don’t feel comfortable sleeping out in the open in a tent or those who prefer to sleep near the comfort and safety of their own vehicle. We hope that we were able to help you find your perfect SUV tent.