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Best Tent For Motorcycle Camping -
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Discovering new places on your motorcycle is a lot of fun. It becomes even more interesting if you combine the adventure with camping. Long-distance rides will sometimes see you spend the night away from home.

It is during such times that you want to ensure your motorbike is well protected. The best tent for motorcycle camping will come in handy, especially when finding a hotel or guest house proves hard. Having a motorcycle tent gives you much more freedom to explore as much as you want and camp out as much as you'd like.

An ordinary camping tent will sometimes not be spacious enough for you and your motorcycle. This shows you why you need to find a shelter specially made to offer full protection to the vehicle despite the weather conditions. The process of finding the most suitable tent for motorcycle camping can be a little challenging.

With this guide, you'll find it easier to navigate the key issues to consider when buying such a tent. It lists some of the most preferred tent types, highlighting their qualities and what makes them such good choices.

Comparison Chart

ayamaya 2 Room Camping Tent

Harley-Davidson Dome Tent

camppal 1 Person Tent

Vuz Moto 12-Foot Motorcycle Tent

CATOMA Motorcycle 2-Person Camping Tent

Best Tent For Motorcycle Camping Reviews

You’ll come across plenty of options on the market when looking for a tent for motorcycle camping. The easiest way to make a purchasing decision is to be clear about what you want in your tent. Here are a few excellent options to get you started.

ayamaya 2 Room Camping Tent

The Ayamaya tent model provides enough room for family camping as well as motorcycle shelter. It has an easy setup procedure and will always come in handy for motorcycle trekking and camping.


The make and design of the Ayamaya tent are quite appealing. It features a detachable bedroom that enhances its multifunctional aspect. The shelter has an outer tunnel layer and a removable inner layer.

You can hang up the inner layer as a bedroom, leaving the left area to serve as the living room. This will divide the tent into a 2-room tent. The living area has enough space to fit a family table and chairs.

Once you take off the inner layer, the tent assumes the shape of a long tunnel. It has enough room where you can add another dome shape inside.

Doors and Vents

For proper ventilation, the Ayamaya tent comes with two vents in the front door corner. There's another vent at the back to ensure adequate air circulation when the doors are closed.

The tent features two doors on the outer tunnel layer. One is located on the front side while the other is to the left. For ease of entry and exit, the doors can be rolled up totally.

This flexibility of the doors makes it perfect to wheel in your motorcycle without much struggle. You also won’t trip on the door as you enter or exit.


The tent is made up of PU2000 190T polyester on the outer fabric. The inner fabric is breathable 190T polyester blended with a B3 mesh. It measures 200 by 130 by 78 inches and weighs approximately 9 pounds.

The interior is big enough to fit two to four people while providing storage for your motorcycle. Pitching the tent is easy and fast by just inserting each of the three poles into the pole sleeve. Next, fix them to the tent corners using the tent shakes, and you're good to go.


  • The Ayamaya tent is large and spacious enough for up to four people and a motorcycle
  • Easy to pitch and set up
  • Comes with two doors for ease of accessibility
  • Features an inner layer than can be used to create a separate bedroom
  • Has several vents to ensure proper air circulation


  • The sewing is a little suspect and may un-done too soon
  • Not waterproof and hence not ideal for use in wet weather

Harley-Davidson Dome Tent

Another ideal tent for motorcycle camping is the H-D Riders Dome tent. It comfortably accommodates four people and a motorcycle.


The Harley-Davidson tent is made of breathable mesh panels that provide proper ventilation in warm weather. The rear and front doors measure 40 by 40 inches and feature a mesh for protection against insects. The inside zippers, storm flaps, and rain fly protect you from rough weather.

The fact that you can use the tent in different weather conditions makes it more reliable than its counterparts. Its snug fit on the back of the bike also makes this tent an attractive choice.


The tent features a motorcycle vestibule designed explicitly for the machine. You can easily remove the foyer when it's not needed.

The reinforced floor seams are designed for superior weather resistance. The package also comes with 14 aluminum tent stakes and a bag to carry the tent along.


Once pitched, the tent has dimensions of 24 by 10 by 10 inches. Its height is 52 inches, with the center being a little higher at 66 inches. The weight of the tent is approximately 12 pounds and hence lightweight to carry around.


  • Made with breathable mesh to provide ventilation in warm weather
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry around
  • Made with storm flaps and rainfly to protect against wet weather
  • Large enough to accommodate four people and a bike
  • Good-looking design and attractive orange color


  • The material of the tent is pretty thin and won’t last long
  • The zippers are of poor quality and don’t do a good job

camppal 1 Person Extreme Space Saving Tent

If you need a tent that you can use in just about any kind of weather, choose the Camppal tent. Although it can only accommodate one person, you’ll like the versatility it offers.


The Camppal tent has an inner tent that measures 100 by 35 by 35 inches. The outer one is 98 by 51 by 37 inches, and it weighs 3.4 pounds overall.


Camppal has a history of over 15 years, and in this time, it has continued to boast of high-quality products. When buying from the manufacturer, you can order a custom-made tent that can accommodate two people.

The tent is manufactured under high standards that guarantee fire and water resistance. For these high-quality standards, the net is guaranteed to withstand all conditions in the four seasons.

Furthermore, the tent is lightweight and easy to carry when you go camping. Its set up is easy with only one ridge pole and doesn’t take up much of your time.


The outer side of the tent comprises a coating of 3,500mm. This is good enough to keep water from getting inside the tent even if it rains heavily.

Its sturdy aluminum pole construction and anti-tearing rip-stop fabric keep the tent in good shape. They help reduce wear and tear on the fabric when the wind is strong or you're in a heavy storm.

Extra Space

This tent is an upgrade from the previous MT051 model. One of the enhancements of the tent is the special lengthening of up to 98 inches. This makes the shelter long enough to accommodate taller people.

This additional length also provides room for personal belongings like clothes, shoes, and luggage. The carrier bag extension has also been extended to accommodate the extra size of the tent. Packing the tent is now a lot easier and more convenient.


  • The design of the tent is attractive, and the stitching is well done
  • Setting up the tent takes just a few minutes
  • Has been modified to create enough space for tall users
  • Highly versatile and can be used in all seasons
  • The zippers are high quality, smooth, and non-sagging


  • Only big enough for one person and a motorcycle and lacks upper ventilation
  • The vestibule is smaller than what you’d expect

Vuz Moto 12-Foot Motorcycle Tent

The Vuz Moto camping tent is an integrated waterproof motorcycle tent that has enough room for three people. It features four entry points and securely protects your motorcycle from external elements.


One outstanding thing about the Vuz Moto tent is the extra-spacious design. The 18 by 8 feet footprint will ensure your camping adventure is not without enough sleeping space. You, your bike, and the friend you bring along will fit in comfortably.

Separate Garage

If you're the kind of motorbike enthusiast who carries extra motorbike gear with them, this tent is just right for you. It's designed with a separate garage space where you can pack your motorcycle and all its separate gear.

You can hence work on your bike at the campsite while keeping it safe and protected from the elements. Once you finish working on the bike, push it in its motorcycle vestibule for the night.

Entry Points

The Vuz Moto tent comes with four points of entry for convenient access in and out of the tent. They also offer added privacy as well as bug defense through the mesh panel.

The camp has been rated a 3-season camping tent. It’ll protect you against heavy rains and strong winds. The floor is made of 10,000 mm waterproofing material. This helps to keep you safe and well-rested.


The Vuz Moto tent comes with several accessories, including two sturdy aluminum poles and stakes. It measures an impressive 18 feet lengthwise, but this doesn't make it bulky. It carries light, fits in small spaces, and packs easily.


  • The tent comes tightly packed
  • Fits large motorcycles
  • The living area is large enough for two or three people
  • Lightweight and easy to set up and carry around
  • Many doors for ease of accessibility


  • The quality of stitching on the critical areas is poor
  • Not as waterproof as advertised

CATOMA Motorcycle 2-Person Camping Tent

If you’re claustrophobic and hate restricted spaces, the CATOMA tent is your best bet. It provides so much room that you’ll actually forget you’re in a camping site.


The tent features the latest Speedome frame system that makes its assembly fast and easy. In less than two minutes, the tent will be fully assembled to provide immediate weather protection.

This switch-back tent for two people comes with a pull-out vestibule and an aluminum pole for additional space. Here, you can store your bike’s extra gear as well as personal stuff.

You’ll find the organizer pockets to be very handy if you’re a camping enthusiast who carries extra camping gear. Here, you can keep everything in the right place where you can easily access them when needed.

Ventilation and Waterproofness

The ventilation system of the tent is innovative enough to make the tent more comfortable. Being a lightweight tent, it’s highly breathable and allows for increased air movement.

The tent has a unique wall with two layers, which allows for a weatherproof setup. The bathtub floor and taped seams provide extra resistance against rainwater.

The tent also rolls down closer on the bigger side of the bag to make packing easier.


  • The tent comes with great features that make it easy to set up and use
  • Has several strap points that provide for excellent adjustment
  • Several ventilation points for excellent air circulation
  • Enough room for two people
  • Weatherproof set up suitable for all kinds of weather


  • Being a lightweight tent, the fabric is quite thin and may not last long
  • The dome shape of the tent requires additional poles for pitching


Getting the best tent for motorcycle camping can be an uphill task. It only gets easier when you know the qualities to look for in your purchase. The different tents available on the market vary in size, design, and weight. Features might also vary widely thus impacting the market price.

Knowing what to expect from each tent type will save you from trouble. You’ll be able to make a decision more comfortably, knowing that the tent you buy is exactly what you need. Take the time to understand your options before picking one. Fortunately, comparing several tents can make the process quite easy.

The tents reviewed above are some of the best models you’ll come across as you shop. They're an excellent point to get you started in your outdoor activities while giving you value for your money. Grab one today, and enjoy your motorcycle camping adventure.

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