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Best Tent for Winter Camping -
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Camping is a universal activity that you can enjoy alone, as well as with a group of friends or family members. The opportunity to explore and reconnect with nature when you go camping is outstanding. Additionally, it is an activity that can be done throughout all four seasons.

Of course, there are certain people that are more interested in setting up a camp on a beach than in the rainy woods. Still, being in nature during the autumn or even winter is one of the most rewarding experiences.

There is no denying that, for this activity, you will need to get properly insulated clothing and be physically prepared, but believe us, it is worth it. The most important piece of equipment that you will need to invest in is a camping tent. This is vital if you are planning to spend the night out in the open and not just go for a winter hike.

Considering the fact that it may not be the easiest thing to find a suitable hub, we have decided to help. Go ahead and take a look at our list of the best tent for winter camping options!

Comparison Chart

FLYTOP 1-2-person Double Layer Tent

GEERTOP Ultralight 2 Man Tent

Gonex Winter Camping Tent

HILLMAN Two Person Camping Tent

Crua Cocoon Insulated Winter Tent

Best Tent for Winter Camping Reviews

Flytop 3-4 Season Double Layer Backpacking Tent

This is a tent that can protect you from external factors during both summer and winter. Thus, this Flytop product seems to offer everything that you would want. It is made to suit the needs of any camper, hiker, or travel climber. Highlighted by a fair price and an intricate, easy-setup design, anyone should be able to enjoy it!


Before we get into all the good things of this tent, we want to discuss the Flytop brand. It has been on the market for a couple of years and has already managed to win over thousands of individuals. The brand is focused on pleasing aesthetics and simple yet functional design. Flytop offers everything that a winter camping enthusiast could ask for.

On top of the sturdy design, you are getting a one-year limited warranty, keeping you worry-free from any built-in defects. The design itself comes in three different colors, including blue, green, and the most popular - orange. While you can choose between a three or four-season tent, we would always go for the latter option, considering the sturdier build.

When it comes to its construction, this tent is highlighted by two poles and two stakes that are all made out of high-density aluminum. As for the floor, rainfly, and inner layer material, you are looking at 210D breathable polyester.

This type of material is considered to be tear-resistant and should be able to protect you from the outside wet conditions. The floor is measured at 59 x 83 inches, while the tent itself is just above 45 inches in height. This makes it perfect for fitting up to two adults or three kids.

Why do we see it as one of the best tents for winter camping? That would be because of the highlighted snow skirt. It ensures optimal thermal protection and is great for anyone who will be sleeping in a cold environment. Not only this, but the tent is built in a way so that no sediment can attach to it.

Additionally, this tent can withstand wind of up to 20mph. While not featuring a transport bag, which always comes in handy, the setup and fold processes are quite simple. Thus, even if you are new to the whole tent thing, you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble.

Still, we would note that the stitching on this product could have been better. Other than that, we are quite pleased with the overall quality of design and see this product as a worthy investment!


  • Comes at an affordable price given the construction quality
  • Highlighted by 210D high-density polyester and waterproof floor
  • Includes a snow skirt that ensures proper thermal protection
  • Suitable for all four seasons
  • Easy to set up and pack


  • Lacks a proper carry bag
  • Stitching is not optimal

GeerTop Backpacking Tent

Moving on with our list, we present another product that is ideal for a solo winter camping trip or for a group of two. It is suitable for both experienced and beginner backpackers and climbers. Not only will you love this freestanding dome for the summer season but for winter, as well. This is due to the high-quality thermal protection that it offers.


As we mentioned above, you are looking at another backpacking tent that can be used throughout the year. The most important design detail is the material that the floor and the outer layer are made out of. You are looking at 210T Oxford fabric for the outer layer, with 3000mm waterproof and UV protection.

Additionally, the floor sheet is highlighted by the same fabric, as well as 5,000mm PU. This offers even better protection from the snow and water outside. We love the fact that, while lightweight and easy to carry around, this tent is still highlighted by a double layer construction. This should protect you from any harsh weather conditions.

Much like with the aforementioned product, it is freestanding and features two poles, as well as two stakes. The dimensions are 82 x 102 x 45 inches for the outer layer and 78 x 55 x 14 inches for the inner layer.

You will love the ability of this tent to quickly shed any snow or rain that may sit at the top or on the sides. While ensuring optimal UV and thermal protection, you will still get to breathe in the fresh air and experience the surroundings. How so? This dome is highlighted by two double doors, as well as two mesh windows.

The only thing that we would improve would be to make the stakes a bit thicker, as well as if the zippers were somewhat sturdier. Still, these are details that shouldn’t be a deal-breaker, considering the fact that you are getting such great value out of this offer!


  • Snow and wind-resistant
  • Made out of 210T polyester and offering 5,000mm PU waterproof floor
  • Accommodates up to two adults
  • Breathable, with two doors and two mesh windows
  • Easy to set up and pack


  • Stakes could be thinner
  • Zippers are not very sturdy

Gonex Winter Camping Tent

If you are a true mountaineer, then investing in a high-quality tent is a must. Whether you decide to go for the blue, orange, or green Gonex tent, we assure you that you can't go wrong!


Once again, this weather-resistant dome is able to accommodate up to two people. While that may not be optimal if you are on a group camping trip, a couple of these tents will do the trick. It is a great investment for anyone who is interested in backpacking, hiking, or mountaineering during harsh weather conditions. The overall design of this tent, compared to the aforementioned one, differs in many ways.

First and foremost, you are looking at a size of 82.6 x 59 x 47.2 inches. This provides more than enough space for two people to comfortably sleep in it. The main advantage of buying this tent compared to its competitors is the combination of materials that it features. It doesn’t only include 75D 210T polyester but also 150D oxford fabric, thus ensuring better durability.

We already mentioned that the quality of the zipper system is extremely important. This product doesn’t feature YKK zippers, but it offers a great alternative in the form of the durable SBS zipper system.

It is highlighted by pre-attached poles that will make the setup process much easier. It will also ensure that the tent doesn’t tip over. Plus, you will not need nails in order to get this sleeping dome up and standing. One of the most innovative design details is the three pockets that are included in the tent. You can not only store your water bottle here but also valuables such as gloves, phones, and other essentials.

We would like it if the floor was a bit sturdier, though. Considering the fact that it features a reliable snow skirt, you shouldn’t worry that the snow will enter your tent. Overall, it is a worthy choice for anyone who wants to sleep under the stars during the winter season!


  • Able to withstand harsh weather conditions, like snow and strong wind
  • Highlighted by 210D high-density polyester and 150D oxford fabric
  • Includes a snow skirt that ensures proper thermal protection
  • Thick and reliable stakes
  • Easy to set up, even for beginners


  • Floor could be sturdier

Hillman 3-4 Season Backpacking Tent

If you want to buy from a reputable brand that offers a great warranty policy (24-months), you are in the right place. This Hillman product comes in a couple of different variations, with our personal favorite being the green three-person tent.


We will begin by highlighting the dimensions of this winter dome as the most important factor. The floor is measured at 82.7 x 47.2 inches and is able to accommodate up to three adults at a time. The height of this tent is 43 inches, which is quite common for this capacity. Talking about the overall construction, we can’t really complain about anything.

What you are looking at is the 210D polyester as the main material. It is included in both the inner layer and the floor. The only difference is that the bottom features 5,000mm PU waterproof protection, while the rest of the tent offers 3,000mm PU waterproof protection.

We always emphasize the importance of proper ventilation within a tent. Luckily, Hillman puts an extra focus on that and ensures multiple mesh sections. Thus, even during colder months, you will get to enjoy ventilated space without having to worry about any external factors.

It features an efficient fly net that should be able to resist rain and snow. The eight included reflective ropes, as well as a couple of poles, are all you will need to put this tent up. We also love that you get a transport bag that will fit both the tent and all the accessories that come with it.

The only major concern is that the snow skirt is not optimal. Thus, you might want to invest in a sleeping bag that offers additional thermal protection. Still, this product comes at a fair price and offers great quality overall.


  • Quite easy to set up and fold
  • Highlighted by 210D high-density polyester and waterproof floor
  • Great breathability, with multiple mesh sections
  • Suitable for all four seasons
  • Features a handy transport bag


  • Poles could be thicker
  • Lacking optimal thermal protection

Crua Cocoon Insulated Winter Tent

Anyone with a more flexible budget can enjoy winter camping tents that offer exquisite thermal protection, breathability, and durability. The perfect example of such a tent is this Crua Cocoon that is suitable for two people and offers proper insulation.


The first thing that we love about this product is the lightweight frame and easy-setup design. Not only that, but you are looking at a sturdy jumbo zipper system that will ensure the tent is completely sealed. Plus, you are not at risk of any leakage. The material responsible for optimal waterproof and UV protection is HH5000mm 210D polyester that is tear and wear-resistant.

Additionally, you can adapt this combo tent according to your needs based on how many people will be sleeping in it. The total area offered is 48 square feet, which is more than enough for you to feel comfortable.

It will be hard to find a winter tent that is as cozy as this one. Considering the comfort that you are getting, the higher price shouldn’t bother you that much. This is all to say that the Crua Outdoors Combo is the optimal choice for a single or two-person winter expedition!


  • Offers exquisite thermal protection and insulation
  • Highlighted by 210D high-density polyester and waterproof floor
  • Extremely comfortable to sleep in
  • Quick and simple to set up
  • 24-month limited warranty


  • On the pricier side compared to similar tents


We consider all five products to meet the requirements of a high-quality winter camping tent. Still, our personal favorite is the Hillman easy-setup dome because it offers great protection at an affordable price.

For those of you that want to enjoy added comfort and optimal insulation, the Crua Outdoors Combo is the way to go. Yes, it is on the pricier side, but considering the durability and reliability, it is worth it!

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