BRS 3000T Review

BRS 3000T Review
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What We Like

  • Extremely light weight
  • So small and tiny
  • Heats water quickly

What We Don't Like

  • Too small for larger cookers
  • Cheap quality

A camping trip is no reason not to eat right. Sure, you may be miles from any grocery store or restaurant, but with a quality canister stove you’ll still be able to enjoy a warm meal every evening. The 3000T from BRS is one of the lightest – not to mention most popular – canister stoves on the market and we’re going to be examining what separates it from the competition in today’s review.

BRS 3000T Camping Stove

The 3000T has been BRS’ most popular canister stove since it was first made available online in March of 2017. The success of the 3000T can be traced back to its wide selection of features, many of which do not appear on other BRS canister stoves, as well as its remarkable lightweight design, which we’ll be discussing in more detail in just a little bit.

Who is this product for?

Like the typical canister stove, the BRS 3000T is a great choice for campers who want to eat well during their time in the wilderness. However, the below-average weight of the 3000T means it is also suited to backpackers who need a stove that they can carry from destination to destination without being weighed down.

Despite its many features and advantageous lightweight design, the BRS 3000T sells for less than $20, so if you don’t want to drain your bank account on a canister stove, this is definitely the model for you. This low price tag will be particularly alluring to backpackers, who traditionally work off a tight budget and don’t have a whole lot of money to spend on food.

What’s included?

When you purchase the BRS 3000T, you will receive an additional bright green carrying pouch in which you can store the stove when not using it. We know the color of the pouch may seem a little unappealing, but you will see that it is nothing but a plus when you are trying to locate the BRS 3000T in your backpack among your other camping equipment and personal belongings.

Overview of features

The BRS 3000T boasts a titanium construction for heightened durability and generates 27,000 watts, which means it is capable of boiling a liter of water in under 3 minutes. Despite its titanium body, the 3000T ranks as one of the lightest canister stoves on the market today and weighs in at just 25 grams.

This stove features three legs for pot support that can be easily folded inwards for easy storage when not in use. Despite its impressive power, the BRS 3000T is one of the most efficient canister stoves in its price range, so you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel in the middle of nowhere.


A canister stove is not the kind of thing you should try to use without first researching how it works. Fail to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of the BRS 3000T before you attempt to use it and there is a good chance you won’t be able to get it up and running.

In order to ensure your first experience with the BRS 3000T runs smoothly, we suggest watching the below tutorial. In it, you will be shown how to safely connect your canister stove to a fuel supply and how to get the most out of the flame it produces.


You’re going to have a hard time finding a canister stove that will give you a more impressive performance than the BRS 3000T without draining your bank account. However, if saving money ahead of your camping trip is your primary concern, there are some alternatives to the BRS 3000T that are even less expensive.

Take the Ultralight Backpacking Camp Stove from Icetek Sports, for example. This canister stove sells for less than $10 and promises an adjustable flame backed by 3,500 watts. It is composed of copper and stainless steel and weighs in at 1.6 ounces, which means it is more powerful than its BRS counterpart, but is also notably heavier.


It is rare for a product to have near total control at its price range, but some would argue that the BRS 3000T has it and then some. At 25 grams in weight, this may very well be the lightest canister stove on the market, which would alone make it the perfect option for campers and backpackers. However, its appeal is furthered by its power and efficiency, which allows it to boil water and cook food in a matter of minutes without needlessly draining your fuel supply.

Whether you are trying to save money ahead of a backpacking adventure or are searching for the canister stove that is least likely to weigh you down as you trek through the forest to your campsite, the BRS 3000T is, at the very least, worthy of your consideration.

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