Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range Review

Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range Review
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Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Large cooking area
  • Individually adjustable burners
  • 30,000 BTU per burner

What We Don't Like

  • No heat shielding for controllers
  • Not suitable for larger pans

If you’re planning a weekend camping trip with friends but don’t fancy two days living as a minimalist, you should forgo the miniature canister stoves used by many hardcore survivalists and choose something a little larger. Camp Chef is one of the top names in campsite cooking and the brand’s Explorer Two-Burner Range is arguably the perfect choice for foodies who want to experience the great outdoors with a full belly.

Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range Stove

Although it first hit the market all the way back in 2005, the Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range remains a popular choice among campsite cooks to this day. Its perpetually increasing popularity can largely be traced back to its many features (which we’ll get into in just a little bit) and the fact that it was presented with the Fish Alaska Editors’ Choice award for its performance and innovation.

Who is this product for?

The Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range is best suited to casual campers who don’t consider themselves survivalists and have no desire to entirely abandon the comforts of home when they venture into the wilderness. With a cooking area of 448 square inches, this is particularly useful if you are camping with a couple of friends and have a lot of mouths to feed.

Tailgaters and barbecue fanatics will also appreciate the versatility and comparatively compact size of this range. It is important to note, however, that the Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range was not designed with backpackers in mind. Weighing in at 36 pounds, this range is far too heavy to be carried upon one’s back, so those preparing for a summer backpacking adventure should instead go with a canister stove.

What’s included?

When you purchase the Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range, you will, obviously, receive the range itself. However, you will also receive a couple of additional accessories to make the setup process run as smoothly as possible. Among those accessories are a regulator and three-foot hose, which can be safely connected to a propane tank ahead of use. Camp Chef also includes a 1-year warranty with each purchase of the Explorer Two-Burner Range.

Overview of features

The Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range comes fitted with two 30,000 BTU cast aluminum burners, which are protected by a three-sided windscreen for greater fuel efficiency. A series of fully adjustable dials allow the cook to control the heat produced by the range while four adjustable legs mean it can be used on uneven surfaces (which you’ll find a lot of in the great outdoors). These legs can also be removed, which simplifies storage and transportation of the range.

It would be remiss of us not to point out here that the Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range, with all of its pros and perks, comes accompanied by a Proposition 65 warning. This means that certain chemicals present in the range have been linked to harmful health effects within the State of California. This is not confirmation that the range is entirely unsafe and is to be avoided, but it is definitely something to keep in mind before purchasing it.


Outdoor cooking can be a challenge if you have never tried it before. If you’re hoping to improve your campsite culinary skills before the Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range arrives on your doorstep, we recommend watching the below video, in which you will see the range in action.


The Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range is a great choice for preparing large meals outdoors, but it is far from ideal for survivalists, minimalists, and backpackers. If you want to enjoy hot meals on the go but don’t want to weigh yourself down with the Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range, you may want to consider the BRS 3000T.

The BRS 3000T is small even for a canister stove and at just 25 grams in weight is often promoted as the lightest canister stove in existence. It can comfortably fit in the stuff sack of the average backpacker and is capable of boiling a liter of water in just 3 minutes despite its small size. While the Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range sells for in or around $100, the BRS 3000T will set you back less than $20.


Dedicated campers may scoff at the Camp Chef Explorer Two-Burner Range, but it has long been a hit with the majority of casual campers. If you don’t need to starve yourself to connect to Mother Nature, you will certainly appreciate the range’s multiple power settings and sizeable cooking area, along with its adjustable legs and fuel efficiency.

Purchase the reversible grill/griddle that Camp Chef advertises alongside the Explorer Two-Burner Range and the possibilities of what you can achieve with the range expand further, with steaks and hamburgers being added to your 5-star campsite menu.

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