How To Make A Cot More Comfortable

How To Make A Cot More Comfortable
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Getting the most out of your outdoor camping experience is important, and one of the best ways you can do that is to ensure that you have not just a good but a great, restful night’s sleep! If you sleep well, you will have so much more energy and wake-up refreshed, re-energized and ready to take on the trails and trials of the day ahead! Having access to a camping cot can really help in this respect as it will elevate you off what might otherwise be an uneven and rough surface that is most definitely not conducive to a good night’s sleep!

The last thing you want when you return from an exhausting day out hiking is not to be able to sleep well. So assuming that you have had the foresight and good sense to invest in an army style camping cot, what can you do to make your sleeping experience even more dream inducing? We’re going to look at some simple steps and top tips on how to make a cot more comfortable.

A camping cot really can make a difference to your camping experience

Unless you are a die-hard survivalist who likes to pit their wits and pitch their tent in the most extreme of locations and environmental conditions, most of you will probably relish a certain level of comfort. While camping is traditionally associated with “roughing it” and sleeping in the great outdoors, no rule says it has to be that way, and it’s not cheating if you do need a better sleeping arrangement to fully enjoy your camp experience. No-one likes a grouchy sleep-deprived campmate so if you are one of the many people who’s not content with just throwing down their sleeping bag on the ground, there’s no shame in that! That’s precisely why and for who camping cots were invented.

Camping cots deliver an elevated sleeping position

One of the many advantages of a camping cot is that raised position. They get you off the ground which means you stay warmer and drier. This elevated position minimizes the risk of being bitten by bugs and also pests and wildlife that inhabit ground level and might be tempted to cozy up with you overnight!

A camping cot also creates a much more comfortable and practical sleep setting for anyone who suffers from a disability, muscle or joint problems, a persistent bad back, or an ailment like arthritis. Sleeping on the floor can be problematic and ruin the overall experience of being outdoors, at one with nature and your friends and family, if you can’t get up and down to sleep well!

Camping cots come in all shapes and sizes so chose one that is more suitable and comfortable for you

Having a camping cot will automatically make your sleeping experience outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable, but there are also plenty of other things you can do to enhance the conditions further. By placing your sleeping bag on top of your cot, this will make life cozier. If you have a larger frame or are taller and wider than the frame size that you have bought, you might end up with body parts sleeping over the steel framing which could be uncomfortable.

So, by putting down your sleeping bag, you will have an extra layer of comfortable, cushioned protection. Better still, how about placing an air mattress on top of your cot for a truly next-level sleep experience! You will undoubtedly be the envy of your camp when they see that you have pretty much recreated your at-home bed experience right there in the wilderness! With the additional height of a portable air mattress, you could end up slipping into a bed that is pretty much the same height level as your bed at home.

Planning on sleeping inside a tent with your cot?

If you are taking your cot indoors, especially if you have one of those solo or smaller style one or two-man tents, then you need to be careful to limit the amount of excess bulk that you take with you. You can actually buy camping cot tents. That’s to say that you can invest in a hybrid style which features the comfort of a bed with a basic tent rig, so you get the best of both worlds in one compact piece of gear.

If, on the other hand, you’ve decided to sleep literally under the stars, it would still be a good idea to invest in a pest net to keep the bugs at bay. This will provide an extra level of protective tarp that will also help to shield you from some of those unpredictable weather conditions that might hit camp overnight, disrupting your sleep.

Other ways in which you can make a cot more comfortable

You could also purchase a thick, foam style sleeping pad that you can place on top of the frame to deliver an extra layer of cushioned protection. If you are like the classic children’s’ fairy tale, Princess and the Pea, and literally feel every lump and bump, then this could be a great option. Just make sure that you measure out the dimensions first so that you purchase something that fits well.

Taking a comfortable pillow with you as well will definitely enhance your ability to enjoy a restful and recuperative night’s sleep in camp. It’s also an undeniable fact, that if you are sleeping under freshly cleaned sheets or a nice warm blanket, you will almost always enjoy a better sleep. If you have the room in your truck and you know that sleep deprivation is your enemy, why not considering going the whole hog and re-create a cocooned and luxurious dream-inducing sleep chamber!

For that, you are going to need your cot, an air mattress, your duvet, and favorite pillow, your warmest fleece pajamas, a sleep mask and of course, a teddy bear! You will quite literally sleep like a baby in =this combination set up in your home away from home camp. Sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite.

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