Jetboil Genesis Camping Stove Review

Jetboil Genesis Camping Stove Review -
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Jetboil Genesis Camping Stove: Quick Overview





What We Like

  • Compact, foldable design with 2 burners
  • Level igniter
  • Includes drip trays that are easy to clean
  • Advanced simmer control
  • High fuel efficiency

What We Don't Like

  • Quite pricey
  • Pans can dent quite easily

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Jetboil Genesis Camping Stove

The Jetboil Genesis system is one of the limited options on the market that comes with superior features compared to its competitors in the same price range. It is lightweight, efficient, and extremely portable. Plus, it comes with two burners for quick, delicious meals on-the-go.

Who is This Camping Stove for?

The Jetboil Genesis should be the top pick for the space-conscious camper or someone who has a small vehicle. If you enjoy hiking to camp and cook, then you should read about this great product. It can cook like a pro and has numerous great features. It is foldable and comes with two great quality burners, despite its surprisingly small dimensions. It easily fits in the back of a small car or even a tiny kitchenette.

What’s Included?

The package includes a 10-inch frying pan, a 5-liter fluxPot, and a carry bag with a pocket for regulation. It is compatible with a standard 16.4-ounce propane bottle, and it also comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Overview of Features

Apart from all of its great features, it is worthwhile to notice that it is the first of its kind. Although it includes a frying pan, two burners, and a pot, they all go together in an 8.5” by 10.75” bag. Weighing only 9 pounds, the bag comes with a comfortable shoulder strap and a side pocket that is suitable for a regulator fuel connection. This means that, if you are a passionate hiker, you still have plenty of space for other supplies.

The frying pan sports a 10” ceramic coating, and it is made of non-stick, eco-friendly materials. The walls are high, and it has a large base. Thus, it is able to capture heat quickly and cook the perfect meal in no time. Furthermore, due to its design, it is easy to clean, and if you care for it properly, you should be able to use it for many years to come.

One main highlight of the Jetboil Genesis is, of course, its excellent simmering abilities. It comes with a flame knob that can be spun in four full rotations. The lowest temperature is ideal for simmering small pieces of vegetables and meat.

The Genesis has a bottom side that serves as a pot for making instant soups and stews and for boiling water. It can conveniently boil up to 5 liters of liquid and uses revolutionary flux technology that ensures maximum efficiency. If you are not familiar with this technology, you should totally catch up with it.

It sports the shape of a dense ring made of metal that was folded over itself almost one hundred times. This increases the area exponentially, resulting in maximum heat retention and gas and time savings.

Similar to the pan, the high-quality construction should last for years. The pot certainly adds value to the cooking system, given its outstanding heat retention, slick design, and durability.

How to Get the Most out of Jetboil Genesis Camping Stove

The Jetboil Genesis system requires only 15 seconds to be assembled. Once you do so according to the instructions, you should use its lever ignition to turn it on. This eliminates the need to ensure that you have a lighter or pack of matches with you at all times.

Once you turn it on, you might not be able to tell if the burners are on or not. This is because the system is extremely efficient in using fuel. If you want to test the flame, you can run your hand over the burner safely and you will feel the heat immediately.

Furthermore, the system has a port that can accommodate all Jetlink compatible stoves. It can also be connected to a Luna satellite burner. If you are in a windy environment, the Jetboil Genesis comes with a windscreen that can be quickly and conveniently attached, protecting it from heavy wind.

On the other hand, the product is pricier than other alternatives on the market, but this could be explained through its obvious superiority. Similarly, some might argue that the pan can be dented quite easily, but it can be replaced by contacting customer service.


If you think this product is not suitable for your needs, we also recommend the Coleman Gas Camping Stove. This is a more affordable 4-in-1 system that comes with a stove, wok, and reversible grill/griddle. It has a cooking power of up to 7,000 BTU with a maximum of 100 square inches of cooking area. The legs are removable, and the design is specially created to boost portability.

Similar to the Jetboil Genesis, the Coleman system is easy to clean and has a push-button ignition. Thus, you do not need a lighter or a pack of matches to turn it on. On the other hand, the product is not as powerful as the Jetboil, and its lid is a wok, which is quite misleading in the beginning.

As a result, if you are passionate about cooking in nature and impressing your family and friends, the Coleman Gas Camping Stove can be a more affordable alternative that will offer you great results.


While it might come with a higher price tag than many of its competitors, the Genesis Base Camp system is superior, outperforming nearly all, if not all, other cooking systems. It comes with excellent simmering abilities, a portable design, and great longevity. This makes the Jetboil Genesis system the perfect item for your next camping trip.