Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag Review

Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag Review
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Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Water-resistant polyester
  • Extra large bag
  • Compact design

What We Don't Like

  • Material not breathable
  • Carry bag poor quality

If you are a cold weather camper, a regular sleeping bag simply isn’t going to give you the protection you need, which is why you should be sure to purchase a sleeping bag specifically designed for cold climates. The Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is one such sleeping bag and we’re going to be examining all that it has to offer in today’s review.

Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag Sleeping Bag

When manufacturing its Cold Weather Sleeping Bag, Reisen sought to produce a sleeping bag that was both more spacious and more resilient than similar models in its price range.

Many who have relied on this sleeping bag for cold weather camping trips report that the brand succeeded in that goal. These positive testimonies largely explain the sleeping bag’s perpetual rise in popularity since its September 2017 online release.

Who is this product for?

Although this is a cold weather sleeping bag, dedicated adventurers who frequently camp in freezing conditions should go with a more expensive alternative intended for extreme conditions.

Given that this sleeping bag sells for less than $40 when purchased online, it is a great choice if you are preparing for a one-off cold weather camping trip and don’t want to spend upwards of $100 on a sleeping bag you know you’re never going to use again. The Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is available only in adult sizes, so you should avoid purchasing it if you are trying to kit out your child ahead of their first camping trip.

What’s included?

With each purchase of the Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag, you will receive a free duffel sack in which it can be stored as you trek to your campsite. This duffel sack stands at just over 15 inches when full and can be further compressed to just 10.2 inches using its integrated straps.

Overview of features

As a cold weather sleeping bag, this offering from Reisen is effective all the way down to 30° Fahrenheit or 0° Celsius. It boasts a water-resistant shell composed of 100% polyester and a breathable 100% cotton fill. An extra-large sleeping bag, it can comfortably fit a 6-foot adult with room left over.

Despite its above-average length, the Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag features a lightweight design and can be easily carried from place to place with zero strain on your arms, shoulders, or back. One of the few commonly reported complaints from those who have purchased the Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag pertains not to the sleeping bag itself, but to the duffel sack included with each purchase. According to some Reisen customers, this duffel sack is quite snug and struggles to hold the sleeping bag if it has absorbed moisture overnight.


Cold weather camping is not the kind of thing you want to attempt without prior research. Make one mistake when preparing for your cold weather camping trip and disaster may not be far behind. For that reason, we recommend watching this video before purchasing the Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag. In it, you will be guided through some important things to remember ahead of your first cold weather camping trip.


If you are planning a camping trip in freezing conditions, the Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is not going to be of much use to you. Instead, you should go with a model intended for extremely cold climates, something like the Extreme Cold Weather Military Sleeping Bag from Tennier Industries. This sleeping bag will set you back close to $150 more than its Reisen counterpart, but for the extra money, you’ll get a sleeping bag that you can rely on in all seasons and in sub-zero temperatures.

This sleeping bag features 100% waterfowl fill for maximum heat retention and is resistant to both water and wind. Its drawstring hood closure provides additional warmth while its army green exterior will keep you hidden from any potential predators (if that is something to be concerned about). The only major drawback of the Extreme Cold Weather Military Sleeping Bag is that Tennier Industries does not sell it with a duffel sack, so you will have to spend extra to safely store and transport it.


For the casual camper planning a weekend camping trip in cold weather, there are few better options than the Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag. Its relatively low price tag means you won’t be out of pocket if you never use it beyond one trip while its polyester construction and breathable cotton fill provide protection against typical cold climate conditions.

Because this sleeping bag is resistant to water and wind, it is also a good choice for music lovers planning their next festival, particularly if that festival is taking place in Europe, where rain is not uncommon during festival season.

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