Schrade SCHF36 Camping Knife Review

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Schrade SCHF36 Camping Knife: QUICK OVERVIEW




Value for Money

What We Like

  • A full tang blade
  • High-quality materials
  • A well-balanced knife
  • Strong TPE handle

What We Don't Like

  • Blade coating too thick
  • Low-quality sheath

Everybody desires to have a reliable knife when you are out in the bush or maybe on a camping trip. It does not matter where you are, even on a road trip; the need for a reliable knife may rise. That is when you will not regret it if you have one handy either on your belt or in the toolbox.

The question always comes up whether a knife is a weapon or a tool. The final answer always comes with the dual purpose of a knife. Most people believe a knife is both a weapon and a tool. This review is going to look at the great features of one of these weapons-slash-tools. So let's jump right into it and find out more.

Schrade SCHF36 Camping Knife

This full tang bladed camping and survival knife is made from high-quality carbon steel to give you a long service life. The thick blade is well balanced for a much better overall performance for all types of knifing applications. The strong TPE handle with grooves set into it will help make the knife safe to use at all times. Even when you are working with wet hands, the grip will prevent the knife from slipping to avoid hurting you.

Who Is This Knife For?

This knife is ideal for any outdoor event where a knife is an essential tool. It will be perfect for general bush crafting as well as for any type of outdoor survival or camping trip. This is also an excellent companion for small and large game hunters who do their own slaughtering right on the spot.

What Is Included?

When purchasing this survival knife, you get much more than meets the eye. You will receive your Schrade camping knife, and, to make life easier for you, you will also receive a sheath to hang the knife safe and secure on your belt.

That is not all!

Included with the sheath, you will also get a sharpening stone to sharpen your knife if the blade ever gets blunt. And on top of that, you will get a fire starter kit included for a true expedition. The sheath also has a tie-down option to keep it secured and tightly attached to your leg.

Overview Of Features

A lot of extra features are embedded into this camping knife from Schrade, for better performance and your convenience. One of these excellent features added is a finger coil to protect the handle for when you are sharpening the blade.

Continuing with the features, there is also a barnyard hole included with this knife for those who prefer it. At the back of the knife, you will find some jimping for extra safety to prevent the knife from slipping while chopping.

On the downside, the coating of this camping knife is a little too thick, and that may cause it to chip. While it is not the fault of this knife if the coating chips, it may still take away something from the overall aesthetics.

The sheath, though it is an extra, seems to be made a little flimsy and may not last long in harsh surroundings. But not to complain, it is free after all, and for that, we will always be thankful.

As for the aesthetics of this survival knife, the overall look and feel make an attractive knife for every day carry. It is also a well designed and comfortable knife and feels well balanced and easy when holding it in hand.

Here are all the great features again as a reminder:

  • The knife Schrade SCH37 is of excellent quality and craftsmanship
  • This knife is also well balanced, and this helps it to perform better overall
  • You get a full tang blade with this knife, which improves the quality and workability of the knife
  • A strong and safe TPE handle grip is a great safety feature when on a camping trip, or any place outdoors
  • The drop point will aid almost any drilling and piercing when it is needed to have a hole drilled into something

How To Get the Most Out Of Schrade SCHF36 Camping Knife

The Schrade SCH37 camping knife can be used for hacking and chopping due to the full tang blade and the finger choil included. Always keep the knife securely stored in the sheath when it is not in use; this will help to prevent accidents.

When using the knife for chopping and carving, be sure to work away from your body and keep the fingers away. Accidents happen when you least expect it, but you can still prevent this by working safely and always protect your hands.

You can use the SCH37 survival knife to drill holes into wood and other materials where you need a hole. The drop point of the blade makes any drilling and piercing an easy job when camping or making another tool.


The Schrade SCHF52 may be a little more expensive, but it will be a worthy replacement if the SCHF37 is not available. You get a much longer blade of 7 inches with this knife, also from Schrade, with an overall length of 13 inches.

All the extra features that are included with the SCH37 also come with the SCH52 camping knife, including the sheath. So, essentially, this is just a larger version of the SCH37. It is just as safe but at a slightly higher price.


We have now looked at all the excellent features and the good and bad of this Schrade SCH37 camping knife. The conclusion here is that this knife can be used as a tool and as a weapon when in danger. What you have here, after all, is a very reliable, convenient, and strong camping and survival knife. With all the extras included, you have a great tool and a self-defense weapon for everyday carry and use.

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