Tough Outdoors Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag Review

Tough Outdoors Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag Review
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Tough Outdoors Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag: QUICK OVERVIEW





What We Like

  • Breathable fabric
  • Storage/carry bag included
  • High-quality materials

What We Don't Like

  • Zipper design
  • Could be better insulated

If you and your partner are planning a night under the stars, you should be sure to get a sleeping bag that is capable of comfortably holding both of you and protecting you from the elements all year long. The Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag from Tough Outdoors will do both of those things and a whole lot more, but will it keep the two of you happy?

Tough Outdoors Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag Review

While many manufacturers of camping equipment focus solely on gear that the casual camper can rely on during the warmer months, Tough Outdoors recognizes that not everybody can wait until summer rolls around to fulfill their appetite for the outdoors. That’s why the brand manufactures a series of camping gear intended for use in the colder months, a series of which the Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag is a part.

Released in the dead of winter 2017, this is a premium yet affordable multi-season sleeping bag and should be considered by any cold weather camper planning a trip into the wilderness with a fellow adventurer.

Who is this product for?

Because of its ability to withstand temperatures as low as 20° Fahrenheit, the Tough Outdoors Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag is ideal for weekends spent outdoors in the colder regions of the United States and Europe. It is important to note, however, that it lacks the padding and protection to be of use in extreme weather conditions, so those bold enough to camp in storms and blizzards should take their business to a more specialist manufacturer.

Given the large size of the Tough Outdoors Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag, it is a good choice if you’re planning a camping trip with your friend or significant other. Although it sells for close to $100, you should be able to get it for under $50 if you split the bill with your camping buddy.

What’s included?

Included with each purchase of the Tough Outdoors Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag comes a branded Tough Outdoors duffel bag. Much like the sleeping bag itself, this duffel bag is compressible and can be pushed down to just 19x14x14 inches using its integrated two-way compression straps.

The duffel bag is also resistant to tears and water, so you won’t have to worry about your sleeping bag being rendered unusable when transporting it in poor weather.

Overview of features

The Tough Outdoors Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag has two major selling points. The first of these selling points is its ability to withstand weather that would destroy a more traditional alternative.

Its water-resistant shell works in conjunction with its non-scratch woven liner to produce a comfort temperature range of 20-50° Fahrenheit. The second major selling point of this sleeping bag is its maximum capacity, which is well above what is typical for a model in its price range.

At 90 inches in length and 45 inches in width, this sleeping bag is capable of accommodating two people at a time, even if both come in at seven-feet tall. For added convenience, this sleeping bag features an extra-large storage pouch in which you and your camping partner can keep your phones, wallets, and other valuables.


Packing for a camping trip is just as difficult as packing for a flight. It becomes all the more challenging if you are trying to pack an XXL sleeping bag like this offering from Tough Outdoors. If you’re having trouble fitting the Tough Outdoors Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag into the included duffel sack, we suggest watching the below tutorial.


If you’re planning a solo cold weather camping trip, you should avoid the Tough Outdoors Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag and instead go with a model intended for lone campers. The Reisen Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is one such model and can be purchased for half the price of its Tough Outdoors counterpart.

This offering from Reisen boasts 100% polyester construction and is resistant to both wind and water. It also features a 100% cotton fill for extra heat retention and is capable of withstanding temperatures as low as 30° Fahrenheit.


Capable of keeping its inhabitants warm all the way down to 20° Fahrenheit, the Tough Outdoors Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag is one of the finest available sleeping bags intended for casual cold weather campers.

With its impressive capacity complemented by its resistance to water and wind, this sleeping bag is suitable for a variety of adventures, including hiking, backpacking, and festivals. Tough Outdoors is so confident in the quality of its Colossal Winter Double Sleeping Bag that it backs it with a lifetime warranty, so you won’t have to empty your pockets for a repair or replacement should any harm come to it during one of your outdoor explorations.

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