What is a Double Hammock?

What is a Double Hammock
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You may be wondering, what is a double hammock. Well, a double hammock is a hammock which is large enough for two people to sleep in comfortably.

With enough room for two people to both lay flat and move about, a double hammock soon becomes an essential camping accessory once you’ve tried one.

For the most comfortable choice as a single sleeper, a double hammock is definitely the best option as well.

The additional space which it provides conforms to the contours of your body, supplying you with supportive wrapping that completely envelops you. There is no more comfortable way to sleep when camping, while most find themselves hanging one in the own backyard once experiencing the springy support firsthand.

Here we’ll be explaining to you the basic factors to look at when shopping for a double hammock, while also listing basic safety precautions and guidelines for hanging the various types of hammocks found.

Choosing a Hammock

Key Considerations to Choosing a Hammock

Before rushing out to buy a new hammock, always carefully consider what you plan to use it for. A hammock intended for use on a patio often would be better if larger, making double hammocks and bridge hammocks a far better option. Yet, if you are going to be braving the elements outdoors then you need something which gives warmth and comfort with good straps and great portability.

Double hammocks without spreader bars are compact and can be found in a range of materials offering various degrees of insulation and padded comfort, while larger, more rigid hammocks are available for other purposes. Always take it into consideration what the hammock is made of and how large it is relative to what you’ll be using it for.

Hammock Materials

Most modern hammocks are made from either nylon or cotton blends. Both have their own range of inherent pros and cons. Here’s a quick look at each.

Nylon double hammocks

If weight is a factor on a long, arduous hiking excursion and you are already skimping to keep what you’re carrying to a minimum, then a nylon double hammock is the obvious choice. It is far lighter to carry one along-with for two campers than two individual hammocks.

  • Nylon can be compacted to a greater degree than cotton, making it easier to pack
  • If your need a waterproof solution, nylon repels water naturally

Nylon can be quite flimsy and tears quite easily thanks to its thin composition

Cotton double hammocks

Cotton double hammocks

Durable, luxurious cotton hammocks are a top pick for patio areas and other places where they stay in a fixed location. Thanks to their weight and bulk, cotton hammocks are typically not transported but can often be far more comfortable than those made from nylon.

  • Cotton double hammocks feature far more vibrant and intricate designs thanks to the weave of the fabric
  • Dense cotton weaves are more luxurious than nylon fabrics
  • Moisture clings to cotton due to its hydrophilic structure
  • Hammocks made from cotton are far heavier than those made nylon

Larger Options

The width of a double hammock allows you to lay perfectly flat, keeping your spine aligned while its gentle wrap keeps you comfortable and warm. When opting for a larger hammock, especially one used in a fixed position such as a patio, look for a hammock with a spreader bar to help hold the hammock open when additional weight is added. Spreader bars are the perfect addition to a double hammock as they are frequently used for two people.

Screens and Added-Extras to Consider

If you are serious about camping and are looking for a truly versatile hammock, then it would be best to shop around for a hammock with a built-in insect screen. Another fantastic addon for any single or double hammock is a weatherproofing kit consisting of a top quilt with a foot pocket.

What Temperature Will Your Double Hammock be Used in?

While everyone wants a lightweight hammock, lighter materials typically translate to less weather resistance. If you’re going to be camping in cold weather or in a region where frigid temperatures are prevalent, then it would be best to buy a double hammock which features under-quilting. The very best under-quilting is suited to extreme conditions of between 30°F to 40°F.


Many hammocks also have top quilts built in which eliminates the need for a sleeping bag while also supplying that extra level of cushioned comfort when using in it during warmer days. Your hammock’s space requirements and portability play a far greater role in picking one out than the general climate you plan to use it in. Great double hammocks for both camping and general infrequent use can be found in numerous styles suited to any range of budget.

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