What Is a Tactical Knife?

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A tactical knife is specifically designed to be used as a utility tool. Also, tactical knives have been widely used for military and tactical purposes. Most of them are crafted to offer superior performance, cutting power and for outdoor activities. The ideal tactical knives are made by fine materials that make them durable enough to withstand harsh conditions.  

The tactical knife has martial features that make it suitable for use in extreme situations. Folding tactical knives are often used by many armies and militaries as weapons.  

Uses of a tactical knife

Tactical knives can be used as a:

  • Weapon
  • Cutting tool
  • Meat slicer
  • Hunting tool
  • Trap maker
  • Rigging
  • Fishing tool
  • Camping tool-(cutting the tent zipper when stuck)
  • Safety tool
  • Opening household packages
  • Make markings on trees

So what is a tactical knife made up of?

Unique design

Tactical knives have a unique design that enables them to be multipurpose. The military prefers this knife because it can be used for various tasks during their training or when on a rescue mission. Besides, they are more effective than regular knives that can easily disappoint due to their design and strength.

The tactical knife has non-slip grips that ensure it doesn’t slip while being held or cut the user. The folders also open one-handed and require minimal maintenance. 

The purpose of the knife

Depending on the task that one needs a knife for is what determines the kind to purchase. If you need one for utility purposes a tactical one is ideal. A tactical knife is a handy and multipurpose tool that can assist you in almost all cutting tasks as well as for self-defense. 

Most tactical knives are made of high-quality metal alloys that make them ideal for any use. Before acquiring a tactical knife, you should evaluate your daily habits, use, specialties and requirements. 

Comfortable feel

A tactical knife tends to have a comfortable feel and is versatile. This will help you to use the knife at ease even when under pressure. To find an ideal one, look for one that doesn’t have a pinch point, uneven surface, or sharp corners. There should also be a place for the fingers to fit in naturally.  The knife should fit you in terms of size, shape, and weight.

Size and materials used

The size of your tactical knife needs to be a true reflection of the designed purpose. The user needs to feel comfortable while carrying it. The ideal size for a blade is 3-4 inches long with a total length of 8-9 inches. 

A tactical knife should have a high-quality stainless steel blade. The best steel material is the “plain old W1” type. For durability, the tactical knife’s handle needs to be stable, resistant to water, sweat, gasoline, and oil.  This will ensure that it won’t crack or shrink. Be cautious about handles made of wood, ivory, Kraton, and rubber.

A high-quality blade should have a thick point and strong cutting edge. Curved-like cutting edges are efficient for cutting cloth and strapping.  The blades need to be 1/8 inches to 3/16 inches for more strength. The hardness capacity should also be of 57-59C. A serrated blade makes it more powerful.

Types of blades

There are different types of blades; some are fixed while some are foldable. The choice of a tactical knife depends on its purpose and preference. You should also have a specific place that you carry your knife for easy accessibility.  

Folding tactical knives are ideal as they occupy less space and unfold automatically due to their spring opening. However, their heaviness is accustomed to their construction design and may fail to open at times due to their moving parts.  

Fixed blade tactical knives are also ideal for heavy-duty tasks like emergencies. Their models are quite ideal, durable and can withstand harsh conditions. 


Ensure you buy a tactical knife from a reputable company that guarantees you of service if the tool is destroyed. Buy from a reputable manufacturer and dealer.

Before purchasing a tactical knife, it is also important to check other customers’ reviews and see their view of the knife. Find one that has the recommended features and is not made from cheap materials that will make you regret buying it.

The tang

This is the body of the blade that connects to the handle. This comprises of the full, half or rat-tail tang. The full tang it is one single body with no separation, while the half tang is mended into the handle with heat or glue making it have two separate parts. 

The full tang tends to be more sturdy and durable. This is why the military prefers a fixed blade with a full tang construction. A suitable tactical knife needs to have a rugged sheath that covers the knife completely for security purposes.

How to carry a tactical knife

Some tactical knives come with a blade cover and belt attachments. This enables you to either carry it inside the jacket or hang it on the outer side of pants. However, if you want to conceal it, you need to acquire a folding knife that easily fits in purses or pockets.

The carrying method depends on how you want to use the knife. If you want to use it for safety purposes, you need to put it somewhere where it is easy to pull out. Spring-assist folding knives are ideal for this situation. Manual opening folding knives are a poor choice for this task and are essential for non-demanding utility reasons.


Military people, day to day cops, and navy men can find tactical knives essential because they are specially designed for hard tasks. However, the use of a particular tactical knife is determined by the length of the knife. Tactical knives can have a straight or curved blade. One’s personal needs play a big role in determining whether one will buy a regular or tactical knife. Whichever the case, ensure you buy a knife that will last long and one that is highly recommended. Always be cautious not to buy a knife that is of lower quality or made from unreliable manufacturers.

We hope we have adequately answered the question, what is a tactical knife. 

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Stephen Ryan - June 29, 2021 Reply

Tactical knives are just one of many kinds of outdoor knives that also include bushcraft knives, hunting knives, and survival knives. Unlike those other knives, though, tactical knives are made with design elements that allow them to be more effective in a fight.

Knife and Carry - October 21, 2022 Reply

This is very informative. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on tactical knives. Any tips on how I can choose the best one?

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